USAF is fake – Proof me wrong.

Oh, if you support USAF and is upset from the get-go, please read the rest, and stay calm.

So Friday had come, and gone, and the ANC did not pack up in the Western Cape. So those who still think that somehow, magically you can hand in a paper in somewhere and say that you seceded from South Africa, WAKE UP!

Ok, so USAF is a facebook webpage, with a website with 5 or 6 pages, and a PHP, mySQL point based banking app to collect money from there members. They support the self-proclaimed king, Cornelius III, in a clever way justify their existence.

“Did you know that the 2 owners (maybe the one is just a pal, and its only one guy) collect the money for themselves? The wife is the Facebook group admin, etc?”

I joined the FB group 2 months ago, and was kicked of in the first day. Here is why.

  • A group member form Wilderness asked what is their plans for grants for the people, if there is no government (they proposed a self managed structure, elected members form ground level, up to selected members of the House of the King, no tax, etc).
  • So I answered this guy and said that according to their “manifesto”, it will be up to the people to care about their fellow neighbour.
  • He did not like that.
  • Somewhere I mentioned about that I’m a Christen, and I currently look after my family who can’t make ends meet monthly, and that if everyone just do that, then there is nothing to worry about.
  • The atheist almost cracked up, and called Christianity a fairy tail fantasy. I told him to f-off, that.
  • He went on, and like a typical SJW with a wet panty, said he did not asked me, and if I’m religious, it just shows how stupid I am.
  • I then challenge the FB Group Admin, to sort him out (I though they support freedom of religion).
  • I could see in PM how the admin reads my message, but no response. After I told her that I can see her reading my questions, why does she not respond, I was kicked of the F/B Group.
  • I suspect from the way she was answering me that she was a woman, and on the side I had a few pages of F/B personal sites open of who I suspect the owner of the group is. (based on looking at the uploaded stuff, videos etc) + their family and friend list from FB (by just doing some reverse link and like crawling).
  • I played a wild card, and asked her to please let her husband talk, and bingo, it was the wife, and few minutes later the hubby took over.
  • First the hubby tried to tap me on the fingers and say I must please refer to the King…. (with a capital K nogal, ek sê)
  • There more tough questions I asked, there more he back tracked and change the meeting of several things they mention on their website. For example: I said “Why you trick people without money and tell them they must pay R150 for fake citizenship. His response was that it membership to the site, and that is not what they say. If you READ AND COMPREHEND everything they tell people, that IS the thread.
  • So this guy, with a F/B group, does not have a problem collecting R100 or R150 from people staying in white squatter camps, just to pay his fancy house and car?

IN PARRALLED WITH THIS, BEFIRE KICKED OFF, I also entertained a bunch of people asking how to pay for a lot of people in JHB that is too poor to pay the R100+ membership, and also asked the community about farms and places to stay, and transport to get these people to Cape Town.

Some members recommend farms, and even old Adriaan Nieuwoudt farm there in the middle of the Knersvlakte. That’s now his “Eureka”, another pyramid scheme. AND PEALSE, I DO NOT CARE IF HE IS YOUR UNCLE, he ran multiple schemes, multiple times….. (do you own homework).

Now, I’m not going to sit back, watch 2 or 3 innocent middle class ladies try and pay a few R1000 for some white people in squatter camp, un-root them, and ship them most likely to a  farm in the middle of nowhere, just for a Boesman that claims to be the king of the Cape. – WTF, they watch too much Disney channels?

So long story made short, I then did some home work, this time without a secession-tale blinding me, and realized that this whole scam, is run by and individual or 2, misusing peoples fear and emotional state toward the chaos in South Africa.

No wonder they banned me… questions to tough???

Anyhow, secession does not work how those fools are trying to do it. Go read where it happened in the past, and how they achieved it.

Here is my take on it.

  1. You first have to become independent, before you try to secede from the country in who’s borders you stay.
    • Geographically, have most people illustrating the FACT that you are operating independently.
    • Have the support structures in place that already support the independence.
  2. Above DOES NOT EXIST in the WC.

Whoever starts a movement that has the following, could succeed:

  • A proper banking system, even if a crypto currency. (but not the fake point system that USAF created. Their system is equal to a child that learned himself to program)
  • Has a…. (ok, let me think about my words here)… has the means to enforce law and order.
  • Has the governing structures already in place (whatever and how they want to do it)
  • Has leaders with more brains than hormones and emotions.
  • Has a detailed action plan for every important aspect with a nominated subject matter expert in change of these critical components.
  • Have a LEADER, a REAL ONE, with COMMON SENSE (it’s a country we are speaking about, not running a kindergarten school)
  • Have access to serious capital and the means supporting the transition.

My 2c is that it will NEVER happen. They only route is the one we afraid of saying (me too).


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