Always wanted a CNC mill,  but can’t afford it. Popular routes for the rest of the world is to retrofit a manual desktop mill / drill to CNC. Little Machine Shop, Sieg, Harbor Freight, Precision Matthews, Grizzly, Jet and similar mills are all very popular.

All of the above is not available in South Africa. Sieg is available but at almost R60’000 (US$4000) for the SX4. That is crazy markups. Out of principle, I rather be without it.

Taking a deep dive, I ordered something similar from China at 1/3 of the price. It should be here withing 60 days, and I pray I’m not paying school fees on this purchase.

My 2020 hobby project will be converting this machine to CNC (retrofit). Below the specs of the mill.

Maximum drilling capacity 30mm
Maximum face mill capacity 70mm
Maximum end mill capacity 30mm
Maximum distance from spindle to table 370mm
Working table size 840mm x 210mm
Swivel angle of headstock 45°
Spindle taper MT3 or R8
Spindle spped 100 – 2500rpm
Sleeve stroke 70mm
X-axis travel 570mm
Y-axis travel 200mm
Z-axis travel 350mm
Motor power 1100w
Weight 260kg
Packaging size (LxWxH) 870 x 630 x 1000mm


  1. High precision bored and honed milling head
  2. Precision ground worktable
  3. Tilting and swiveling head
  4. With micro-speed handwheel and fast feed lever
  5. Adjustable gibs and stops on table
  6. Accurate position, strong rigidity, strong cutting power
  7. Gear drive,lower noise

Standard Accessories

  1. Speed display
  2. Halogen lamp
  3. Morse taper
  4. Draw bar M10
  5. Drill chuck and arbor
  6. Toolbox with tools

Retrofit Budged

  1. Hardware US$1000 (mistakes & labor excluded 🙂 )
  2. Electronics US$1000
  3. Other US$500 (hardware odds and ends)

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