Draft 2

The 3.52m x 3.02m size turned out to be much more of a challenge.

  1. Xforma MBX MKII (aka Murderbox) – Custom hard-loop, X299
  2. Secondary monitor – Dell P4317Q, Flat, IPS, 4K
  3. Primary monitor – Dell U3818DW, Curved, IPS
  4. Reference studio monitors – Yamaha HS7I, Stereo speakers
  5. DAC – Make and model still unknown
  6. UPDATED: The previous base trap removed to make space for a aluminium column.
  7. Top wall cabinet – Accommodate router, switch, cable, alarm
  8. Stone top – White Ceaserstone
  9. Bottom cabinet – Accommodate a safe, NAS, UPS
  10. 3D Printer
  11. UPDATED: Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman
  12. NEW: Evo One 3D Desktop Mill
  13. NEW: Base Cabinet / Trolley for 5 axis mill.
  14. NEW: PocketNC V2 5 axis mill with enclosure.

Notes / Thoughts

  • The (#6) base-traps look stupid. A aluminium tube can also house the cables and pick up styling from the table top leg.
  • The Lounge chair (#11) location changed as it will block entry  from the sliding doors if ottoman is used.
  • I would have like a beefier 3 axis router (like the 740 x 400 cnc-step, but there is just now way to fit it into the available space, and its just too much of and industrial look. For now, the Evo One (#12) is the 2nd price… it even fits with the rest of the color theme.
  • I also have the need for cutting small parts with a 5-axis CNC (#14) and would have preferred one machine with larger envelope, but do not have the space for a messy and wet setup. Design stuff in parts between the 3-axis and 5-axis and assemble !
  • The PocketNC CNC (#14) should be in an enclosure (chipping tray / noise / dirt) and on a trolley (#13).
  • To the right of #10 there is an anti-vibration joint in the top.
  • The opening between #9 and #10 in the base cabinet doubles as a storing place for the ottoman, and another work location when seated.
  • The monitors is wall hang on lead screw driven linear positioners (custom jobby) for Z-axis movements and with left and right sway still possible.


Cleaning the mess

No loose standing vacuum cleaners to fall over. Should look at a central vacuum or some DIY solution where the vacuum bag and motor is outside, and only have 2 vacuum pipe sockets close to both CNC machines.


Damit yes, I’m a smoker and I know  the  damage it cause to myself and electronics.

The fan airflow for #1 is IN at the wall side and OUT at the table side, and
natural air movement into the room is from the space between #12 and #13.

So an extractor (again, motor should be outside) in the ceiling above the monitors / chair position should do the job of extracting polluted air and heat.


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