Draft 1 Office is small ( 3.52m x 3.02m) and to fit all my “crap” in there, careful planning is need

Draft 1

Office is small ( 3.52m x 3.02m) and to fit all my “crap” in… careful planning is need.
I spend 12+ hours a day in here (66% of my life (1/4 for sleep))… so what does your car cost, which is only used 30 min a day? (justification by a “blinded” fool?)
This is the North and East walls (North is the wall  at #10).

  1. Xforma MBX MKII (aka Murderbox) – Custom hard-loop, X299
  2. Secondary monitor – Dell P4317Q, Flat, IPS, 4K
  3. Primary monitor – Dell U3818DW, Curved, IPS
  4. Reference studio monitors – Yamaha HS7I, Stereo speakers
  5. DAC – Make and model still unknown
  6. Base trap – This is also to hide the cables going through ceiling
  7. Top wall cabinet – Accommodate router, switch, cable, alarm
  8. Stone top – White Ceaserstone
  9. Bottom cabinet – Accommodate a safe, NAS, UPS
  10. 3D Printer
  11. Sleeping spot

Stuff still to plan in draft 2 (South wall) is:

  1. 3D Desktop Router – Waiting for Step Craft to see the specs of their soon to be released, beefed up, Q series
  2.  Some more desk surface area,
  3. Wall & Base cabinet(s)

Notes / Thoughts

  • This is not  gaming rig, Its for software development, CAD, video editing and audio.
  • To the right of #4 and #8 is a door. The top has a slight angle so that the door can open wider that 90°.
  • Monitors are Dell cause LG and Acer models of same size not locally available and too big of a risk for import (warranty).
  • Secondary is 4K so that 4 x HD screens could fit. Obviously too big to be the primary, and response rates to low.
  • I do not care about gaming surround sound, quality stereo more important.
  • From “flat” / clean reference sound to very high quality DAC and headphones for the magic music moments.
  • The DAC from Sennheiser that is under consideration has balanced XLR out which can be used with the active Yamaha’s.
  • The DAC will get its audio via USB (bypassing sound card)
  • For occasional gaming and movies… considering Logitech 5.1 and then mounting them in-wall (to prevent clutter)
    (yea, hammer and chisel, then silicone mount) for all L, R, LS, RS. Center can be under monitor).
    If going this route, then an after market sound card (e.g. Asus Xonar Essence or matching Sound Blaster) will drive this setup.
  • The home alarm, cable wires (going to living room other side of the wall), network cabling, AP cables, etc,. all come down this (#6) corner.
    A base trap may be a cool way  to hide the wires.
  • If your hobby is CAD, its frustrating to never make your inventions, hence the 3D printer and the 3D router / mill which is part of phase 2.
  • There should be a air extractor somewhere in ceiling as about 600W of heat is generated just buy normal running operations.
    Enough fresh air enters the room (threw east wall sliding door and windows in the east room)
    Extractor should be quite, so duct system is needed with fan motor mounted outdoors.