These PBT Double-Shot keycaps from Corsair is compatible with pretty much all of the K95, K70, K65, K66, K63 and Strafe keyboard models. Corsair is present in anything gaming related, mice, keyboards, coolers, power supplies, chassis, headsets etc. You can build an entire eco-system that is Corsair branded.

PBT is short for Polybutylene terephthalate. This is a thermoplastic polymer, mainly used as an insulator in the electrical and electronics industries, a type of polyester. PBT is resistant to solvents, shrinks very little during forming, is mechanically strong, heat-resistant up to 150 °C  and can be treated with flame retardants to make it noncombustible. PBT is a very durable plastic that resists polishing and your finger gunk very well.

The keycap is made from two pieces of plastic, one of which forms the lettering / legends. Most keycaps in the world are simple pad printed that will rub off within a year. You’ll never wear off a double-shot keycap legend. Coming from regular pad printed keycaps, the PBT double-shot keycaps are considered to be the holy grail and as such PBT keycaps are very desired by, well let’s call them keyboard aficionados. Corsair fabbed these ultra-durable PBT with double walls and a double-shot molding process.

Inside the PBT Double-shot Keycaps kit, you’ll find a full 104/105-Keyset for full US/EU/UK key layouts, a key puller and small manual. So everything needed is included and since this is a Corsair specific kit, you’ll have the right sizes for your enter and shift keys on your Corsair keyboard.

Swapping out keys is very simple, just pull them out using the key puller. Pull the old keycap out with the puller, click in the new one, and repeat that 104/105 times. This is not a 60 seconds thing, you’re good to go for at least 15 minutes.

The kit comes in either white or black. White keys on a black colored keyboard actually looks good. It’s a little weird and even funky looking, I like that. You’ll also notice that on the white keycaps, the keys are now easier to read.

The keycaps that are thick, double-shot, and have excellent legends – no more pad printed legends that fade away over time. Corsair even backs them with a two-year warranty. You’d have to go pretty deep into custom keycap territory to come close to matching the quality of this set.

This kit can be used on anything with standard Cherry MX mounts. With a full 104/105 set of keys specifically made for Corsair keyboards in North American, British and International English layouts and you’ll be able to fully upgrade almost any Corsair mechanical keyboard.

With the backlighting, the new looks are just great and you RGB lighting is still in full effect.

Final Words

Some, and likely most of you out there, might find PBT double-shot keycaps completely irrelevant, just another set of plastics. However, others say these are the holy grail of keycaps. They do feel a bit different, sort of less slippery and a slighly different “click” sound. But that is not the most important factor. It’s all about the looks. The lettering is a bit nicer to read with the white keycaps and the white keys on the black base simply look ridiculous nice! Then there is that more textured surface feels with the PBT keys over the normal ABS keys.

It should be mentioned that for the Corsair K95, K95 RGB and K95 RGB Platinum the macro keys are not included though. This keycap kit is definitely recommended for the ones with an above average keycap fetish.

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