My day to day java fixes is from a Jira Z6 as buying beans is much cheaper that capsules.

My wife started a little business form home, but she does not want to run to the kitchen every time to treat her clients with a good cup of coffee.
So we recommissioned an old Nespresso Maestria which was not used for at least 2 years.

And it was “broken”. The pump was trying its best, but after a few seconds, the machine gave up, as no water passed through the system.
So we Googled “nespresso machine, no water pumping”. These was the results, of which non worked:

  • Remove the air lock by creating some pressure on the water container (plastic zip lock back techniques)
  • Stripping the machine (I was not up top this, as 100 years back, I stripped a Jira machine, and it never worked afterwards 🙁 )
  • Blowing water into the bottom water intake valve (using 14 PETG tube form my PC cooling equipment, and a mouth full of water).
    This just cause veins to pop and eardrums to burst, with no result.

Somewhere someone also recommended to wait a day or two, with the water container filled, so that the water slowly fill the system and release the lock. So this is what I did:

  • Filled the water container, and unplug machine.
  • Made piece with the idea the machine may not work.
  • Carried on with the other renovation in my wife new home office.

One week later, I “booted” up the little Maestria, and yes, you guessed right. It worked.

The last step was to pop in a capsule, and enjoy a little coffee on the victory.