Draft 3 of planned office layout

I changed the design (for the better) as I started sourcing the furniture. In the past, it was only design, and then doing the furniture myself. This time round, I'm not going to be a "cheapskate" and try saving by making my own furniture. Cupboard to be sourced locally and I already have a local supplier for the Caesarstone tops.

  • The two pedenza's I found locally (ZA) at EntraWood Office Furniture Solutions.
  • The tool trolley is the Combi Tool Trolley (CTT) form Pandae Workshop.
  • The tops will be from Multistone who can supply several brands of human engineered stone and quartz.

From a different angle.

Those 3 devices in th eimage below are:

  • A 3D Printer (brand still unknown)
  • An Evo-One 3 axis CNC
  • and PocketNC v2 5 axis CNC