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Workout Program

Workout Program

Most workout plans are fixed, meaning you have to perform the prescribed method, even if your body or workout schedule changes. With fixed plans, you also cannot change an individual exercise and easily understand how the broader workout is affected.

My workout plan will be dynamic and re-optimize to appropriately incorporate exercises targeting muscle groups based on their recovery rate and focus area.

A number of core-body exercises that target the abdominal and lower back muscle groups will be included as much possible as these muscle groups act as the muscular foundation, allowing you to perform proper technique and push the volume and intensity of exercises targeting larger muscle groups.

Sets, Reps & Weight

The sets, reps & weight will be calculated using a modified 'Prilepin’s formula'.

My approach first computes a One-Repetition Maximum using a modified Brzycki formula and I then apply the Prilepin formula to find the optimal sets, reps and weight scheme.

Sets, Reps & Weight is also based on the non-linear periodization resistance technique, which alters the intensity/volume relationship in every workout. With this technique, I may not hit my limit or max effort in every workout, but the method will ensure that intensity and volume are varied and periodically increased over time. This ensures maximum effectiveness for both hypertrophy (muscle gain) and burning away excess energy.

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