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Ketogenic Bodybuilding Trial

Ketogenic Bodybuilding Trial

After adopting a LCHF lifestyle at the age of 47 and dropping my body weight from 135kg to 95kg in only 4 months, I know this is not the end of my journey. Obviously I'm very insulin resistant (sensitive to carbohydrates) and never ever want to pick up body fat again, but I also do not want to stay the skinny-ass I'm right now. This post is the introduction to a self documented trail on building muscle when following a Banting lifestyle.

I'm not new to weight lifting and at the age of 18 I could do 6 reps bench press with double my body weight. Of course, I know, that was 30 years ago. Handling work and financial stress, ending up behind a computer screen 12 hours a day and just being lazy took its toll. After feeling ready to die, and missing out on the fun in life, I start following Prof Tim Noakes' LCHF eating program. My Banting journey started with The Real Meal Revolution after buying the book the morning of 4 January 2016, taking 3 hours to read it, then throwing away all the wheat, sugar, oils (the stuff on their red list) out of my house the very same night and then the next morning religiously start capturing everything that goes into my mouth.

Within 3 days I was in Ketosis (so high on the urine test strips, that I thought something was wrong). The strips was almost black (> 150mg/dL | 15mmol/L), of the measuring scale. My pharmacist said I'm going to die, and spoke about Keto-Acidosis. But why did I feel so good, if this is what he called life threatening condition?. It turned out he is just a pharmacist and not a nutrition specialist. Just a lot of BS, and is only something that could happen to someone which full blown Type 1 Diabetes.

So after Google'ing both sides of the arguments, I decided I will not believe any of the old dogma anymore. Anything, except for the "old way" which took me to a place where I do not want to be again. So I carried on, at a rate of minus 500g a day. Just think about it.... 15kg less in 30 days. Now obviously it slowed down as I came closer and closer to my target weight.

Not only did I went from Obese Class II to normal body weight in 4 months, but I also became a Certified Banting Coach through Real Meal Revolutions' Banting Elite training program. I have learned a great deal about setting personal goals and managing it with real data and stats, and not just believing every Tom Dick and Harry that had their own little opinion somewhere on the "face-less" internet.

"Coming out of the IT industry I know how people can pretend they know something, and actually build careers and executives jobs just knowing how to throw around the right words and acronyms, but actually know zipp about the subject" - This became apparent to be true, for other industries to, including the wellness and nutrition industries.

Something els which is also bothering, is that anyone can proof anything if they in charge of the evidence they present you. As an example, if I want to proof how bad saturated fats are for you, I just give you 10 research papers or clinical trials that proof it, and visa versa, somewhere else there is the counter research or trail saying saturated fat is good for you. It seems to be pointless to trust anything of anything, people believe what they want and whether it is testosterone or the money speaking, they will dish up the evidence to back it. So f*** all that!

20 June 2016, I will hit the gym and track every single exercise, rep and set, and every gram of food I eat, together with the time stamp, to see if you (or then, just for me) can build some healthy (muscle) body mass following my Low Carb, High (Healthy) Fat lifestyle.

We all know that endurance athletes have great success with LCHF, but I was never ever a runner (tall, heavy frame, #13 shoe). I also do not care about running a half marathon in a certain time. I want to feel and look good (physical and mentally). After years of being shy about my bear belly, that is my goal. I'm also not chasing a out of proportion physique, like a hard core bodybuilder. Maybe I should rather call this "Body Building" and not "Bodybuilding".

These are the 6 month goals:

  1. Body fat reduced to whatever number where the abdominal muscles starts to show.
  2. Get gluteal muscles to fit in a size 38 pants. (the damn 36 don't go over my calves, but the 38 is like a loose bag around my ass)
  3. Deltoid muscles needs serious attention.
  4. "Man-breasts" gone now, but so is the pecks. Fix it!

Measurements to follow in a different post, but the general idea is to have a well formed program (form neck to calve muscles), 5 days of strength training, 2 days of doing nothing (Sat & Sun) and cardio vascular the same 5 days as the weight lifting. The exercises will be chosen to increase the weight with each cycle, muscle groups spread in such a manner to allow enough recovery time.

  • Food logging every day until 9 December 2016.
  • Exercise, reps, sets, weight, heart rate captured until 9 December 2016.
  • Body measurements and weight captured until 9 December 2016.
  • Sleep patterns and time monitored each day to allow for "things" to work as the supposed to until 9 December 2016.
  • Not to enter triple body weight figures, so keep weight <=99kg (to be reviewed... if I'm 1.93cm, heavy skeleton, want ~12% BF (see #1?), what should my weight be?)

9 December 2016, set new goals and adjust program if needed.

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